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To book a health service, click on the book now button. Services include: Baby Nurse, Nutrition, Pain Management, Diabetes Care and more!

The Clinic Hub grew from a desire to best serve our local community and their health needs. Situated in the inviting locale of the Samford community pharmacy, this modern health hub is redefining how people view their local pharmacy. So much more than a destination for medication, this award-winning pharmacy displays community engagement at its best. Whether it is the community health challenges, information evenings, natural medicine or allied health, The Clinic Hub is your partner in health for every stage of your life.

Optimal health has many factors, including personal health values and choices, which has led to the pharmacy offering various allied health services and exclusive health programs, available in The Clinic Hub’s professional rooms. The Clinic Hub was born in 2017, a convenient, central meeting place to facilitate the health and wellbeing of you and your family – powered by an award winning pharmacy and pharmacy team!

  • 2019 TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacist of the Year Finalist (Jacqui Hagidimitriou – Samford Manager)
  • 2018 TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacy of the Year (National and State)
  • 2018 TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacist of the Year (Owner Karen Brown)
  • 2017 Bioceuticals Integrative Medicine Award for Integrative Pharmacy (Jacqui Hagidimitriou – Samford Manager)
  • 2016 Guild Pharmacy of the Year Finalist and Winner of Community Engagement

“So much more than a pharmacy”

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  • 3/4 Mary Ring Drive, Samford, QLD 4520
  • (07) 3289 1559
  • info@theclinichub.com.au

Arana Hills

  • 2 Patricks Road, Arana Hills, QLD 4054
  • (07) 3351 6100
  • info@theclinichub.com.au
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