Supporting Your Immune System

With Jacqui Hagidimitriou, Nutritionist and Pharmacist The weather is getting colder, we are allowed to travel a bit further and do a few more activities and for many, the question still remains, [...]

Men’s Mental Health

Mitchell Everlyn, BPharm (hons) As Men we very rarely talk about our health problems, let alone our mental health. We are more known for bottling up our emotions and problems as it is the ‘manly’ [...]

Poisoning Risks at Home

With Emma Walton, Pharmacist at TerryWhite Chemmart Samford and the Queensland Poison Information Centre Unintentional poisonings can happen in a myriad of ways. A toddler eats some berries [...]

Do you Know YOUR Pharmacist?

With Karen Brown, Owner – TerryWhite Chemmart Samford and Arana Hills Think about all the professionals that form your health care team. I am sure you can name your GP, dentist, [...]

Pharmacist Tips: Remedy Your Dry Skin

What is Dry skin? Dry skin (Xerosis) affects us all at some time but is often worse during the cooler months. This can be due to low humidity and the skin being further dried out by factors such [...]

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