Kasey Westcott

Diabetes Educator – Kasey Keys

Kasey is one of our talented pharmacists and is also a Credentialed Diabetes Educator.

Diabetes is a challenging condition and everyone’s diabetes experience is different. Kasey is passionate about educating and empowering our customers with the information they need to self-manage their diabetes and can provide education and management on all aspects of diabetes including:

  • Newly diagnosed patients as well as ongoing care of patients with established diabetes
  • Understanding how to use diabetes devices such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens and continuous glucose monitors
  • Insulin initiation and titration including working with the patient to titrate their dose through follow up phone calls or emails
  • Adopting healthy eating habits through basic nutrition education including meal planning, weight-loss strategies and other disease-specific nutrition counselling
  • Discussion on self-management strategies to help when problems arise
  • Addressing patients’ main concerns with their management and devising goals to optimise glycaemic control
  • Management of complications, support to families and carers and liaising with your doctor about management options
  • Prediabetes screening and prevention of diabetes
  • NDSS registration, 6 month certification and Flash Glucose Monitoring approval

Diabetes is a multi-layered condition where patients deal with the physical effects of altering blood glucose levels but also require support with the social, emotional and psychological aspect as well. At The Clinic Hub we strive to have a familiar environment and health care team looking after your care. Helping people to manage their health conditions is rewarding work!

Kasey is also a mother of 2 young boys and enjoys building rapport with the local mothers about parenting. She is available to answer all of your ‘mum’ questions or to just chat with over a coffee at Capsule Café at our regular Mum’s Do Coffee sessions.

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